We are looking for a single business that exhibits the traits below.  We also realize every business is different. Therefore,  every company is evaluated on its own merits.  Let's have a call to see if your business fits our criteria.  


Favorable position within a growing and profitable industry


  • Privately held, in US or Canada
  • Large and growing industry
  • High percentage of recurring revenue
  • Loyal and diversified customer base
  • Long term growth potential
  • High barriers to entry
  • Clear value-proposition
  • Straightforward business model
  • Solid middle management
  • Vibrant culture


Growing, profitable lower middle market company
  • $5 - $40 million of annual revenue
  • $2 - $7 million of annual EBITDA
  • >15% Operating Margin
  • 3-year history of growth and profitability
  • Predictable and stable cash flows
  • Low capital expenditures


Owner looking to transition control to dedicated, long-term focused, management team
  • Retiring owner/operator without a successor in place
  • Owner looking to exit and/or transition day-to-day responsibilities
  • Business owner desires continued success of company post-transaction
  • Motivated seller seeking liquidity for non-business-related reason